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ASIC miner hosting with Terahash Solutions: What sets us apart?

Updated: Sep 3


In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency mining, finding the right hosting provider can make all the difference in achieving profitability or simply mining at a net loss. Terahash Solutions was created with a full understanding of the Bitcoin mining market globally and built in a way that set us apart from the rest. Let's explore how we redefine the ASIC miner hosting experience and why there is no better option than mining Bitcoin in the UAE with Terahash Solutions.

1. Fixed-Rate Contracts for Peace of Mind:

At Terahash Solutions, we believe in long-term partnerships. That's why we offer fixed-rate contracts for up to 4 years and as low as .06 kW/h, irrespective of Bitcoin's market fluctuations, thus giving you one less variable when it comes to Bitcoin mining. You can rest assured knowing that your electricity costs remain predictable throughout the contract duration, providing you with peace of mind and better financial planning.

2. Unmatched Hosting Rates:

It doesn't take long to find 0.03, 0.04, or 0.05 kWh rates on the internet. While these rates seem mesmerizing, they come at a significant cost. Much like most hosting providers, they require you to purchase your miners from them, but at an exorbitant price – often 50% to 150% higher than the actual market value. This is their method of enticing customers and unfortunately, many people unknowingly fall into these scams. This is why it's important to become educated and understand anything you invest in.

On the other hand, there are reputable companies that offer excellent products, yet they can't provide rates that would make Bitcoin mining very profitable for individual investors. At Terahash Solutions, we offer you the option to "buy down" your rate from our standard .08 kW/h rate to as low as 0.06 per kW/h at a highly attractive price per ASIC, even for multi-year contracts. Also, we do not subject you to any addition fees such as profit sharing. Through leveraging our jurisdiction advantages, strong partnerships and economies of scale, we pass on these cost savings to you, giving you a competitive advantage in the mining landscape.

3. Our ASIC miner pricing:

We take pride in providing some of the most competitive prices for ASIC miners globally. When you purchase an ASIC miner, you retain full ownership of your hardware. Our philosophy revolves around offering our clients the best possible pricing, facilitating a faster Return on Investment (ROI) and reducing risk. We aspire to be your trusted partner in securing the Bitcoin network's hashrate, contributing to its security for generations to come.

4. Crypto-Friendly Jurisdiction:

Thrive in the UAE's progressive crypto landscape, backed by a government that embraces innovation and growth. The UAE is also one of the safest nations on earth. This provides peace of mind to carry out business at scale and ensures your assets and equipment are safe in our partnered top-tier facilities.

5. Access to a highly stable electrical grid:

Successful mining hinges on reliable and cost-effective energy sources. While some countries may boast similar or cheaper electricity prices, factors like device security, government policies, and energy reliability are major concerns. Finding a provider in these places that canprovide you a long term fixed rate

will also be very difficult. At Terahash Solutions, we harness the power of both nuclear and renewable energy sources, offering a balanced approach to ensure uninterrupted mining operations at highly competitive rates.

Terahash Solutions ASIC miner hosting service


In the world of ASIC miner hosting, Terahash Solutions emerges as a leader, redefining industry standards and elevating mining profitability. With our fixed-rate contracts, unmatched electricity rates, ASIC miner pricing, crypto-friendly jurisdiction, and more, we offer an end to end solution for your mining needs. Whether you're a seasoned miner or just beginning your crypto journey, trust Terahash Solutions to be your partner in success. Embark on your mining venture with Terahash Solutions in the UAE and unlock the true potential of cryptocurrency mining today. There's no better option out there. Contact us to start mining today!

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