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Which ASIC miner model to choose in 2024?

If you're here, you're probably interested in making some money by mining cryptocurrency. Well, you're in the right place. Today, we're going to talk about the best ASIC miners that are worth looking at in 2024.

  • The Antminer S21 is super powerful, with a hashrate of to 200TH/s, it works on the SHA-256 algorithm, which is used by Bitcoin. It doesn't gobble up too much power, using about 3550W. Plus, it stays cool while working hard. Profitability:

  • Antminer S19K pro is another good one, offering a hashrate of 120TH/s. It's also on the SHA-256 algorithm and uses around 2760W. Profitability:

  • Antminer KS5 Pro is tailored for mining Kaspa with a hashrate of 21TH/s. It's not as power-hungry, using about 3150W. Profitability:

  • Antminer L7 is built for mining Litecoin, DOGE, and other coins on the Scrypt algorithm. It's got a hashrate of up to 9.5GH/s and uses around 3425W. Profitability:

  • Iceriver KS5L is also tailored for mining Kaspa with a hashrate of 12TH/s. It's not as power-hungry, using about 3400W. Profitability:

Choose the miner that fits your needs best. And don't forget, Terahash Solutions can help with everything from buying to setting up your miners at the data centers.

Please note that our profitability calculations are based on several factors, including current market conditions, market prices for cryptocurrencies, and an assumed electricity cost of $0.057 per kilowatt-hour (our hosting facility in Ethiopia). These calculations are subject to change based on fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market and variations in electricity costs. It's important to stay updated on these factors to make informed decisions about crypto mining operations and potential profitability.

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