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About Terahash Solutions

Emmanuel Montero Founder and CEO of Terahash Solution

Emmanuel Montero
Founder and CEO

Our founder is a 2016 Bitcoiner who started investing into Bitcoin mining and found that for the average investor, mining was hardly profitable or required steep investments into infrastructure. This lead him to a worldwide search to offer a solution. Fast forward and this led us to the UAE, boasting low electricity costs from stable nuclear sources, a pro-crypto atmosphere, and where government stability and security converged. Our founder acquired the required infrastructure and Terahash Solutions was born. We now proudly offer industry best pricing for ASIC miners and hosting rates through our long-term infrastructure contracts, backed by partnered top-tier hosting facilities.

Why mine Bitcoin in the UAE?

1. Crypto-Friendly Hub 

Thrive in the UAE's progressive crypto landscape, backed by a government that embraces innovation and growth.

2. Very High Security and Stability 

The UAE is one of the safest nations on earth. This provides peace of mind to carry out business at scale and ensures your assets and equipment are safe in our partnered top-tier facilities.


3. Sustainable and Stable Grid Leverage abundant renewable energy resources consisting of nuclear and solar power, for continuous mining operations.

Join the Future Partner with us in the UAE and see why the UAE is the best place on earth to do Bitcoin mining.

Terahash Solutions At A Glance









One of our Facilities in the UAE

This UAE facility is one of multiple facilities in the UAE. We have 7MW under management with over 2,000 ASIC miners in house. The ambient temperature of the UAE facility ranges from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius year round and we mediate heat with added fans and water curtains to increase cool airflow in hotter seasons.

Let's start mining better together.

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