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Find Your Perfect Miners

Choose From The Best ASIC Miners On The Market.

We only host Bitcoin (SHA-256) and Litecoin/Dogecoin (Scrypt) Miners. Our MOQ is 10 Units.
Our sites are air cooling but we can also support Hydro with 1MW MOQ. Start mining hands free with the best-performing miners on the market. 

If you didn't find the specific miners you were looking for in our catalog, please note that the miners listed on our site are the ones we host. However, we sell various types of miners, and you can find daily updates on all prices by joining our Telegram group. Join Here


Step-by-Step Guide to mining

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Step 1: Request A Complimentary Consultation Or Contact us

We'll discuss your mining goals, market analysis, current prices, ROI calculations, and more.

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Step 2: Receive Quotation & Sign Hosting Agreement

We'll provide you with our hosting agreement for your review and e-signature. 

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Step 3: Make payment

We accept USDT (Tether), or bank transfers.

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Step 4: Establish Your Mining Pool Account

Choose any mining pool of your choice or go with one of our verified recommendations.

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Step 5: Arrival, Inspection & Connection of ASIC Miners

Miners will be inspected, Once cleared, they're connected to your mining pool account 

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Step 6: Start Earning Passive Income Through Mining

That's it! Enjoy passive rewards as we manage and maintain your mining equipment.

Need help choosing the best miners for your needs?

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