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Find Your Perfect Miner

Choose From The Best ASIC Miners On The Market.

We only work with the best-performing miners on the market. 


What's Included In The Price?

Our miner pricing covers all the costs to kickstart your mining operation, with the exception of the first month's hosting fee (electricity), which ranges from $130 - $193 per miner.

Miner pricing includes:

  • Shipping and customs to Dubai, UAE 

  • Insurance of the transported machine

  • 1-year warranty for all repairs

  • 90% uptime guarantee, (97% Average)

  • Inspection of received ASICS

  • Slot reservation at our hosting facility

  • Wiring for the machine

  • Machine installation, wiring, configuration and connection to your mining pool account

Step-by-Step Guide to mining

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 11.38_edited.png

Step 1: Determine Your Investment Level

This initial step is straightforward yet crucial for establishing your investment strategy with confidence.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 1.14_edited.png

Step 4: Make payment

After signing the hosting agreement, you can proceed with your order. We accept USDT (Tether), or bank transfers, subject to 5% UAE VAT. Orders are processed upon payment receipt.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 12.22_edited.png

Step 7: Start Earning Passive Income

Your miner takes about 30 days from order placement to full operation. After that, enjoy passive rewards as we manage and maintain your mining equipment.

Step 2: Request A Complimentary Consultation Or Submit Purchase Order Through Site

Benefit from our free consultations. We'll discuss your mining goals, market analysis, ROI calculations, and offer insights on post-halving rewards and more.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 12.51_edited.png

Step 5: Establish Your Mining Pool Account

Choose any mining pool you prefer for collecting your rewards. We recommend NiceHash for its user-friendliness and Altcoin-to-BTC conversion. F2Pool is another great option, with quick setup and our available assistance.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 12_edited.png

Step 8: Purchase A Cold Storage Wallet

Protect your funds by transferring your Bitcoin to a cold storage hardware wallet such as the new Trezor Safe 3. It's upgraded, open source and truly secure.


You can purchase yours from our affiliate link below to receive our 15% discount on your order.

Step 3: Receive & Sign Hosting Agreement

During the consultation or after submitting a purchase order online we'll provide you with our hosting agreement for your review and signature. 

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 11_edited.png

Step 6: Arrival & Inspection of ASIC Miners

After your miners arrive in the UAE, they undergo thorough inspection for potential faults or damages. Once cleared, they're connected to your mining pool account and put into operation at our facilities.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 1.11_edited.png

Step 9: Selling Your ASIC Miner

In the future, whether it's 12 or 48 months down the road, we can provide assistance in finding a suitable buyer for your ASIC miners by offering them to our extensive network of investors.

Need help choosing the best miners for your needs?

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